Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm — Opening Cinematic

Sat, Feb 23

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In November, the MediaFreaks 3D Animation Studio Blog reported that the expansion pack to Starcraft II dubbed as Heart of the Swarm will come out this March 2013. So far, the game is following its schedule by releasing this new trailer showing us the re-transformation of the Queen of Blades Sarah Kerrigan.

The specific release date is now March 12, 2013 and it will focus the story line on the alien race known as the Zerg. Previous to Heart of the Swarm, The Wings of the Liberty started the story with the perspective of the humans (called Terrans in this game) as they have successfully reverted the transformation of the psychic Sarah Kerrigan back to human form.

An online event is planned next week where a new trailer called Vengeance will be introduced. The events of this game takes place in the year 2506, two years after Wings of Liberty. There will be new units for each of the warring races from the Terrans, Protoss and Zerg.

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