Season 2 for Marvel’s Avengers Alliance Coming Soon!

Marvel’s Avengers Alliance is one of the most popular games in Facebook today. Not only is it free, it also wisely uses the well-loved comic book characters of Marvel in a way that fans can play their super heroes together to go against popular super villains. Marvel has recently revealed and teased all-new content for this social game with the introduction of Season 2! The MediaFreaks 3D Animation Studio Blog gives you a rundown of things you should expect about Avengers Alliance Season 2 as revealed in Comic Con 2013:

Now let’s dig in on the nitty gritty details of the game. There will be a new interface and it looks like this:

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The previous Season had 12 chapters in its Story Mode. Each chapter had six missions. But the new Season will feature a checklist of tasks that will follow the mold of the Spec Ops. There will be new gameplay modes such as the Heroic Battles which will remove the Agent and pit classic rivalries such as Wolverine versus Sabertooth. Gamers will also be introduced to the game mode Incursion which will possibly open alternate universe battles.

There were three heroes announced as well: Squirrel Girl, Moon Knight and Brother Voodoo!

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