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Sat, Aug 28

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Lost in everyday happenings are mundane objects that are waiting for just the right amount of inspiration to be transformed into a work of art. Well this time out here in our 3D animation studio blog, we get eggs! free-hidden-object-games free-hidden-object-games-2 We skip these eggs everyday. In some cases, we don’t even get to see the egg shells already as they are instantly transformed into your favorite breakfast meal but eggheads are really potent canvasses for some rightly placed creativity. Here are a few depicting the “negative” feelings encountered by eggs. Hope they don’t get in the way of their taste. free-hidden-object-games free-hidden-object-games free-hidden-object-games-5 free-hidden-object-games It gets “gorier” for these eggs at this point: free-hidden-object-games-7 free-hidden-object-games-8 free-hidden-object-games-9 free-hidden-object-games-10 But as seen from the picture above, eggs seem to take all these in stride. free-hidden-object-games-11 free-hidden-object-games-12 Well, that is, until they remember that they are today’s breakfast: free-hidden-object-games-13 free-hidden-object-games-14 Follow Me on Pinterest Here’s some egg cooking tips for you egg-lovers out there:

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