“Chaos” — Game of Thrones Season 3 Preview

Sat, Feb 16

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Somehow, HBO’s Game of Thrones has generated more hype for its third season without releasing any new preview footage such as what happened in the Three-Eyed Raven teaser. This is a testament to how popular and well-loved this TV series is. The new trailer Chaos gives us a quick look at how our characters look now with more of them favoring a much ragged look. The battle for Westeros supremacy marches on with many kings claiming the thrones. You can watch this new teaser as posted here in the MediaFreaks 3D Animation Studio Blog:

Puberty has hit Princess Sansa among others from all these characters. While there were the familiar names such as Queen Cersei, Robb the King in the North and Daenerys Targaryen, the Chaos teaser revealed new characters such as the Queen of Thorns (played by Diana Rigg).

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